Raspberry and mint jelly

I am always trying to get more collagen into my diet, it enhances hair, nails and skin and supports all the joints in the body as well as helping with digestive disorders. The grass fed gelatin in these jellies supplies lots of collagen, the berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and the mint…

Almond and parsley pesto

This pesto is very quick and easy to make and is very useful with so many dishes, great with roast vegetables, chicken, a sauce with courgetti or it can be thinned ¬†with extra oil or lemon juice into a lovely dressing for salads. Keeps in the fridge for a week, try and keep a thin…

Roast Carrots with feta, pumpkin seed pesto and pomegranate

Baby roasted garden carrots paired with pumpkin seed pesto and feta is a delicious combination and makes a very pretty lunch. Here I am using a firm ewes milk feta, but most sorts will work fine as long as it is not too soft.¬† Ingredients. a bunch of young carrots. 75ml of good olive oil….

Asparagus with tzatziki

It’s asparagus season at the moment in New Zealand and I love asparagus, its high in fibre, vitamins A,C and E and many trace minerals such as selenium, plus of course it is absolutely delicious. We enjoy asparagus in many different ways but this is one of my favourites, grilled with piles of garlicky tzatziki….