All recipes are grain free and sugar free, I occasionally use a little 90% cacao chocolate which contains a small amount of sugar and I also use a little stevia sometimes.

V- vegetarian.   DF- dairy free.    some of the meals can be made dairy free by substituting coconut oil or olive oil for butter.

Main Meals

Beef Ribs soft and melting. DF

Courgette Lasagne. V

Courgette Fritters, roast courgettes and tomatoey green beans.   DF.   V

Crispy skin roast duck with orange dressing.  DF

Roast onion & garlic salad with feta and brazil parsley pesto. V

Orange and rosemary baked ewes feat with roast beetroot and walnut salad. V

Roast carrots with ewes feta, pumpkin seed pesto and pomegranate. V

Fast cook Beef Goulash

Asparagus with tzatziki. V

Beef Bourguignon

asparagus and leek quiche with cauliflower cheese crust. V

grilled mackerel with roasted white vegetables and creamy green sauce     DF

pork belly with crackling and sumac sage roasted cauliflower and green dressing.   DF

Green Wraps and Green Pesto Sauce    DF   V

Lamb shanks with roast beetroot and cashew puree.  DF

Roast pumpkin with tamarillos, walnut pesto and feta  V

Stir fried cauliflower rice.    DF   V

Roast garlic cauliflower hummus with crispy venison mince    DF

roast pork hock with butter swede and coleslaw

Sprouted lentil croquettes      V

coconut cauliflower rice with salmon and fennel salad     DF

cauliflower kedgeree

liverlove: liver and onions

broccolissimo     V  DF

Moroccan roast chicken with winter vegetables     DF

Winter Moussaka

boozy oxtail stew      DF

long slow roast leg of lamb     DF

mushroom cauliflower rice risotto

cavelero nero with garlicky sunflower seed butter V   DF

beetroot, hazelnut & orange salad     V   DF

spaghetti squash with beef     DF

roast pumpkin & crispy beef salad with tahini dressing     DF

frittata  V

heart, liver & beef meatballs

mushroom beef burgers in no grain rolls

caulilower crust pizza


Fish Broth and Fish Soup  DF

Chorizo and Cavelero Nero Soup. DF

curried chicken coconut soup  DF

Beety McBeetface Soup     DF

Chicken broth soup    DF

all of the good things soup    DF

bone broth    DF

pumpkin and cashew soup    DF


Raspberry and mint jelly

Raspberry and Rosewater cheesecake

strawberry coconut Panna Cotta   DF

chocolate coconut and hazelnut cheesecake   DF   V

rhubarb jelly    DF

Cocolate Pots and Truffles.  DF  V

Raw Beetroot and Chocolate Cake.  DF   V

grapefruit jelly two ways    DF

Carrot pudding    V   DF

berry ice-cream

boysenberry cheesecake

Snacks and ingredients

Almond and parsley pesto

hardboiled egg and parsley salsa.   V.   DF

Calendular and Herb Dressing.  DF. V

chicken liver pate

curry paste    V   DF

parsnip and Beetroot chips    V  DF

sunflower seed and coconut crackers  V  DF

3 minute hollandaise sauce    V

fresh raw butter      V

activated almond butter     V   DF

sprouted chickpea hummus     V  DF

sauerkraut    V  DF

paneer   V

kale chips and sesame kale chips    V  DF

radish micro greens    V  DF

flaxseed crackers    V  DF

chicken nibbles     DF

Drinks and smoothies

almond milk    V  DF

Beetroot kvass    V   DF