Stir fried cauliflower rice

imageI used the last of my cauliflower from the garden for this vegetarian stir fry. This is perfect for low carb high fat eating without meat, people often think that to be low carb you have to eat a lot of meat, it’s simply not true, I eat mostly vegetables with some meat and some A2 dairy.imageIngredients

a medium head of cauliflower or as I am using the scrawny last few runts from the garden.

a large bunch of greens, anything will be fine, I am using bok choy from the garden which I have shared with my pet slugs.

2 lemons.

2 large onions or equivalent small ones.

2 eggs.

100 gms of mushrooms, any sort will be fine.

5 sundried tomatoes, I prefer the ones not in oil.

4 dried shiitake mushrooms.

1 tablespoon tamari.

1 tablespoon capers.

1 dried chilli or equivalent in flakes.

sprouted seeds for topping, I am using fenugreek.

1 small bunch of parsley or coriander for topping.

salt and pepper.

First reconstitute the dried mushrooms and the dried tomatoes in a little boiling water for about 15 minutes. The fine chopping in this dish is easy because you are going to use a food processor for it. First chop the cauliflower in to small pieces and blitz in a food processor until it looks like rice, you can use the small leaves and the stems, place in a bowl

Next process the onions, the mushrooms and the greens one at a time and remove to seperate bowls.

Next fry the vegetables from the bowls one at a time in plenty of coconut oil, fry the onions until golden, the cauliflower rice until cooked through and browning slightly, the mushrooms until all the moisture is gone and they are completely cooked and then the greens until all the moisture is gone and they have reduced right down.

While the vegetables are being fried chop the dried tomatoes the  dried mushrooms and the dried chilli into smallish pieces and then zest the lemons. Combine the soaking liquids, the chopped dried items, the tamari, the capers and the juice of one of the lemons and let this all just mingle while all the vegetables are being cooked.imageThen all of the items except the eggs go back into the frying pan.imageStir well to combine, taste and add salt and pepper to your taste.

Next make the little omelettes for on top. Mix the eggs together with a little salt, heat some oil in a different frying pan and add half the egg mixture, cook on one side then flip over and cook the other side. Cook the second one in the same way then roll up into logs and slice into ribbons.imageChop the parsley or coriander and then empty the vegetables onto a platter, scatter the omelette ribbons on top followed by the sprouts and parsley or coriander, serve with the other lemon cut into wedges. This will serve 4 hungry people, 20 grams of carbs per serve.

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