imageBroccoli is so abundant at this time of year and I love using the whole of the broccoli. Here we have broccoli three different ways, lightly steaming the delicious stem that many people discard, turning the middle branch bits into grain free vegetarian burgers and roasting the florets with pine nuts.imageIngredients.

2 large heads of broccoli.

2 medium or 3 small onions.

1/2 cup of ground flax seeds.

1/2 cup of mixed roasted nuts or seeds, here I used a mix of hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.

3 eggs.

1/2 an apple.

1 orange.

25ml olive oil.

3 cloves of garlic.

2 tablespoons of pine nuts.

1/2 bunch of coriander.image

Chop the broccoli into the three different parts, florets, mid branches with the leaves and the thick stems.

Then roughly chop the onions and apple and peel the garlic, blitz these in a food processor until finely chopped and empty into a large bowl.

Next blitz the branches of the cauliflower and add these to the bowl.

Cut the stemy part of the coriander and add to the processor along with the zest of the orange and the toasted nuts then blitz these and add to the bowl.imageAdd the ground flax seeds and the eggs, mix these all up together, it’s easiest to use your hands. At this stage add some seasoning, about 1 teaspoon of salt and lots of pepper.

Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to let the flax seeds absorb some of the liquid. Then for the fun bit of forming the burgers, I like to do this on a silicon spatular with a metal ring on it. I have an old biscuit cutter that the handle fell off for this but you can use the purpose made formers or any other round thingy you have. Stuff the mixture into the ring and then lift the ring off and slide the burger into a hot oiled frying pan. If your pan is not well seasoned or non stick these can stick a little. Cook until golden then turn over to brown the other side.

Then these need to go onto a tray lined with bake paper and baked for an extra 20 minutes at 180c. I had enough mixture to make 12 burgers.

While the burgers are frying start roasting the florets in some coconut oil at 180c they will take about 30 minutes. Dry toast the pine nuts to add to the florets at serving time.

While the burgers and florets are in the oven prepare the stems, these are so delicious, please don’t discard this nutritious part of your broccoli. They do need peeling as the skin is quite tough, then chop into fine slices and steam or boil for just a few minutes, they need to still have some crunch.

Lastly prepare the dressing, into a small processor add the reserved leafy part of the coriander, the flesh of the orange and the olive oil along with some salt and process.imageI like to serve with a wedge of lime. Serves four hungry people 27grams of carbs per serve.


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  1. Broccoli is genuinely one of my favourite foods…this meal looks like heaven!

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  2. THese look so good!

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