Radish micro greens

imageRadish micro greens or actually any fresh sprouts are nutritious and add colour and freshness to many dishes. Growing fresh radish micro greens is very easy.

Fill a small seed tray that will fit on a kitchen window sill with potting or seed raising compost and sprinkle with plenty of radish seeds. You want just a single layer but try and cover most of the soil. Soak with plenty of water and then place on a tray on the window sill, cover with a piece of cardboard to keep it dark for a few days.

Water each day and replace the cardboard until about the third day or until a few of the leaves are starting to push upwards, then remove the cardboard to let the sunlight onto your sprouts.

Continue to water each day, almost ready.


Now they are ready, snip with a pair of scissors and refrigerate in a sealed container, they will keep for several days.

imageThese are hot and spicy and are delicious as a garnish on many dishes, in salads or stuff the whole lot in an omelet with a bit of grated Parmesan. Minimal carbs in these sprouts. Radish sprouts can also be grown in the traditional jar with mesh top, in which case you eat the seed and root as well.

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