Beetroot kvass


Beetroot Kvass is a refreshing lacto fermented drink that will feed your intestinal flora with lots of good probiotics that aid digestion. Drink it as a tonic, use it in cooking or salad dressings.


3 large or about 6 small beetroot

1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt. It is important to use Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt for fermenting they are both ancient salts from long dried seas, they contain only about 80% sodium chloride and the rest is minerals and trace elements. Table salt is about 99% sodium chloride and contains additives such as anti caking agents that may interfere with the fermentation process.

filtered water. It is quite important to use filtered water as the chlorine in tap water can interfere with the fermentation process

large jar, flip top is good, about 3 litres

Scrub the beets to remove soil, no need to peel if they are organic. Chop into large chunks, you don’t want them too small or they will ferment too quickly. We want a long slow lacto ferment to develope the  probiotics, a fast ferment will produce alcohol. Put the beets into your jar, it needs to be about 1/3 full.

Add one tablespoon of Himalayan salt to filtered water and add to the jar, top up the Jar with more filtered water. Leave on the work bench for about 1 week, you will need to burp your jar a couple of times to release the build up of gasses.

You will see little bubbles appear after a few days, this is the lacto fermentation in action. After a week to 10 days it can be bottled and refrigerated. The ferment will take a little longer in the winter when it is a bit cooler in the kitchen.

The kvass can be used straight away. The remaining beets in the jar can be fermented a second time, simply top up the jar with more filtered water and this time add a scant tablespoon of salt. For this second ferment I like to add a chopped lemon and a couple of centimetres of sliced ginger. Again leave on your kitchen bench for a week to 10 days then bottle and refrigerate. After this second ferment you can use the left over beets to make Beetroot soup.

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