Strawberry coconut panacotta

img_3318These lovely little panacotta have no sugar in them, the full fat 100% coconut cream I use has natural sweetness and so do the strawberries. So simple to make with only four ingredients.img_3289Ingredients.

1  400gm tin of full fat additive free 100% coconut cream.  If you are lucky enough to be able to get Little Bare coconut cream as I am then your puddings are guaranteed to be creamy and delicious. If you are in New Zealand you can order it from their website.

250gms strawberries.

1 tablespoon grass fed  gelatin.

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla seeds or natural essence.

Puree the strawberries, this may seem like a cruel thing to do to beautiful fresh berries but you are just going to have to toughen up and do it. Reserve 1 or 2 for decoration if you like.

Next add the gelatin to 1/4 cup of water and allow to bloom for a few minutes. It will thicken and if you stir it it will go a bit pale, doing this just stops it clumping when you add it to hot liquid. It will be quite stiff so add a couple of tablespoons of the puréed strawberries to slacken it off a bit.

While the gelatin is blooming heat the coconut cream to a simmer in a saucepan then remove from the heat. Add the gelatin mixture and whisk, continue to whisk until all the gelatin granules have disappeared and the liquid is smooth, then add the rest of the strawberry puree and the vanilla.img_3298You will need 4 molds to pour it into, I like to use cups but ramekins or any other suitable sized container will do. Wipe some coconut oil on the inside of the containers to help with getting them out after they have set. These all need to go into the refridgerator for a few hours to set.img_3321When they are ready tip them out onto individual serving plates. If you are having difficulty getting them out you can run the sides very carefully under warm running water, be careful not to get water into the panacotta also don’t go too hot or too long or the gelatin will melt and you will have a runny mess. You can of course just serve them directly from the containers.img_3320Now its time for decoration, use what ever you like, fruits, coulis, flowers, nuts, or as I have done dragon fruit stars and hearts. Yay.img_331911gms of carbs per serve.img_3317seriously delicious.

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  1. pinkiebag says:

    Hi I love panacotta so I shall give this a try. Thanks for sharing, Chloe

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  2. This looks so delicious Alex!! Thanks x


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